For buyers

At nicsell you have from now on also the possibility to bid on exclusive domains. These you will find only here at at no other supplier.

Since these domains are not in the grace period, they do not have to be caught. If you win the auction, it is directly your domain and can be moved to you. You can simply bid on these domains via your nicsell customer account. As usual, the minimum bids start at 10 €. You use the same customer service and the same handling as before.

  • Only with nicsell and no other provider
  • Starting bid from €10
  • Same services and the same settlement
  • Payment as usual also possible via PayPal
  • Domains are still active and do not need to be caught
  • Domains can be transferred immediately after the receipt of payment

For seller

Do you want to reduce your portfolio with domains or offer your domains for sale? Then nicsell is the right place for you. For this purpose we offer a domain marketplace.

A simple and fast processing is in the foreground for the seller, as well as the buyer. As a seller you only have to enter your domains with some information into the marketplace. These details include the domain name, the auction period, the auction type, the minimum price and, if applicable, a starting price (depending on the type of auction).

The monetary settlement is done via our accounts. A buyer of your domains transfers the demanded amount to our account. Once we have received the requested amount, you as the seller must transfer the domain to the buyer via AuthInfo. After closing, we retain a 10% commission from the amount as a service. The 90% will be transferred directly to your bank account.

  • Simple and fast processing
  • We handle payment processing, invoicing and customer service
  • Low commission
  • No cost risk, no fees only commission in case of success