Purchase by auction

For buyers
(auction with nicsell)

At nicsell you have from now on also the possibility to bid on exclusive domains. These you will find only here at at no other supplier.

With our exclusive domains you can be sure!

As these domains are not in the grace period there is no need to catch them. If you win the auction, you will automatically gain ownership of that domain and are able to register it anew. You can easily start bidding on these domains with your nicsell account. As usual the minimum bid is 10 €. You use the same customer support and the same settlement as in the past.

  • Only at nicsell and no other supplier
  • €10.00 minimum bid
  • Same services and the same settlement
  • Payment as usual also possible via PayPal
  • Domains are still active and must not be catched
  • Domains can be moved immediately after the receipt of payment

For sellers
(auction with nicsell)

Do you want to decrease your domain portfolio? You can now offer your domains for sale via nicsell.

Be sold by us all TLDs (domain endings), even if we currently only offer .de and .eu domains in our auctions.

On nicsell for both the buyer and the seller the simple processing lies in the foreground. Therefore, what we need from you is simply a list of domains including auth codes that are still valid for at least 14 days. Then we start a 14-day auction with the usual minimum price of €10.00.

For you there are no costs. If the domains are not sold, you have nothing to pay. If the domains are sold, we will take care of the payment, invoice and relocation management of the domains and assume customer support.

The reimbursement of the auctioned domains takes place on an attractive revenue-share model (rev-share).

  • Simple settlement (we need only domain and auth code)
  • We undertake payment processing and customer service
  • 14-day auctions with €10.00 minimum price per domain.
  • Attractive rev-share model
  • No cost risk, no fees