• Sale of og.de

    The domain og.de was sold through our marketplace for €10.710. We are pleased to have the opportunity of sharing this success of nicsell Trading with our customers.

  • Post- & Priority-bid

    With these two features, our customers have even more possibilities to obtain their desired domain. The post-bid enables bidding on domains that have not yet received a bid, even after the auction has ended. With the priority-bid, the chance that we will successfully register a domain for our customer can be increased.

  • .es

    We have added a 6th extension to our TLD offer. From now on you can bid on the domain extension .es at nicsell.

  • .uk and .nl

    After we expanded our TLD offering in March with the extensions .it, .be and .fr, we are now adding the extensions .uk for the United Kingdom and .nl for the Netherlands.

  • DomainPulse 2022 in Bonn

    The participation at DomainPulse 2022 in Bonn was a lot of fun and brought us new experiences. Many thanks to Denic, nic.at and Switch for organizing this unforgettable event! We are looking forward to seeing you again at DomainPulse next year.

  • Change of leadership

    With Mr. Marc Stepken, DomainProfi GmbH - and thus also nicsell - has received a new managing director. Previously, Mr. Stepken worked for Sedo for many years and therefore brings a lot of experience with him. We are very excited and welcome him warmly with us!

  • nicsell Trading

    With nicsell Trading our customers can now offer their own domains to other customers as an auction. With this, a long-standing dream finally comes true and we wish all interested parties numerous and exciting sales!

  • .it, .be and .fr

    Our TLD offering has been expanded again, this time with the extensions .it, .be and .fr. But these are not to be the last, more TLDs will follow this year.

  • New languages on nicsell

    We also added Dutch, Italian and Spanish to our language offering on nicsell. With this we want to offer especially our international customers a nicer experience on our platform.

  • New TLDs at nicsell: .cz and .me

    After the introduction of the Polish ccTLD, we have now added two more TLDs to nicsell. These are .cz for the Czech Republic and .me for Montenegro.

  • nicsell has over 4,000 customers

    More than 4,000 customers have already registered at nicsell.com and the number only continues to grow by the day!

  • Expert and compact mode

    The domainlist was complemented by an expert mode and compact mode. In the expert mode you can find many metrics and domain values, that allow you to find great quarantine domains much more easily. For everyone who loves working with large overviews the compact mode is for you.

  • .pl as a new TLD at nicsell

    This year as well we have added a new TLD at nicsell.com. You can now register .pl domain names, the ccTLD for Poland.

  • nicsell has over 3,000 customers

    Another milestone was met! More than 3,000 people have registered on nicsell and the number is growing daily. We are very happy about the attention nicsell is receiving and will continue trying to live up to the expectations of customers newer and older alike.

  • Revised homepage

    Make room for new things! Our Catchtiger has really started to settle down now and we want to show this with our new website. You can now find the orange tiger on several different pages of nicsell.

  • nicsell in french

    Bilingual was yesterday, trilingual is today and multilingual will be the future! Paving our way towards this future nicsell is now available in German, English and French. Does this indicate that Afnic’s .fr and many other French TLDs are soon to come to nicsell as well?

  • Four new TLDs!

    Starting from now nicsell has not one, not two, not three, but four new TLDs to offer! Adding .ch and .li from Switch Registry as well as .se and .nu from the Swedish Internet Foundation we have more than doubled our existing variety of TLDs. Please look forward to catching many more treasures of the domain world that these new TLDs grant you and us access to.

  • nicsell at domain pulse 2020

    Participating in Domain pulse 2020 we very much enjoyed our time in Austria‘s Innsbruck. A big shout out to Denic, nic.at and Switch for hosting this unforgettable event! We look forward to next year’s Domain pulse 2021.

    nicsell at domain pulse
  • nicsell adopts a tiger

    nicsell adopts a tiger

    During the last few months of the year we are very happy to announce the merge of nicsell and the Dutch domain backorder service CatchTiger. Besides improved domain values and more TLDs for all nicsell customers we extend a heartfelt welcome to our new member and mascot Catchtiger. We hope that he will be able to settle down quickly.

  • Milestone: over 2,000 customers on nicsell

    Currently nicsell has over 2,000 satisfied customers! We thank you for your trust and are looking forward to growing together with our customers.

  • Live auctions

    With our improved bid system, you can now bid much easier and faster on interesting domains in real time. You can find more information about our live auctions in our FAQ.

  • New: .at domains at nicsell

    In a survey asking for interesting TLDs, austria's .at was chosen as the most interesting and is now part of our range of products. Thus, domains ending with .de, .eu and .at can be now be purchased at nicsell.

  • New: Improved filters

    The domain search engine was improved and now includes many new filter options. Filter by rankings or your own favorites! Additionally you can use special characters to refine your search. Which special characters allow which possibilities can be found here.

  • Milestone: Catch quote for .de domains over 80%

    During this month for the first time we were able to successfully register more than 80% of every .de domains that our customers desired and are happy to reward your trust in this form.

  • nicsell at domain pulse

    nicsell at domain pulse

    The nicsell team participated in the domain pulse in the BMW world of Munich and was very happy to meet the satisfied faces of their customers and to establish new contacts.

  • Milestone: over 1,000 customers on nicsell

    Since the start of nicsell on Jul 27, 2014 over 1,000 customers have registered and bid on thousands of RGP domains daily.

  • New: Dutch auctions

    The dutch auctions, which are also known as reverse auctions, have found their way to us. A purchase price is set beforehand, that decreases in certain intervals until the reserve price is met. The domain can be purchased at its current price at any time or you can wait until the price meets your bid.

    As a buyer you will not be overbidden indefinitely anymore. But be careful: Anyone could buy your domain at every moment. As a seller you are granted an additional option to sell your domains for even better prices.

    You can find more information about the Dutch auctions in the FAQ.

  • New: Premium domains

    nicsell is now offering premium domains! These high quality domains enrich the assortment in our domain list.

    You can find more information about the premium domains in your domain list (filters: in the premium list) or in our corresponding FAQ entry.

  • nicsell is gearing up!

    nicsell is gearing up!

    Further investments in resources and optimized metrics are steadily improving our catch quota. Thereby we can successfully snap much more and much better domains for you!

  • Change of leadership

    Mr. Lukas Meyerding of the DomainProfi GmbH has taken over the promising project regarding the backorder service for RGP domains from Mr. Ansas Meyer of the QE GmbH.

  • Minimum bid introduced

    Since November 2015 our customers can place minimum bids as an alternative to our maximum bids.

    This increases the starting bid of regularly €10.00 automatically to your minimum bid and therefore also your chance to receive the deleted domain.

    More information about this topic in our FAQ

  • Customers recruit customers at nicsell

    Embed your personal advertising link as a text link, logo or banner on your website. You can gladly use our advertising material.

    For each new customer that registers using your personal link, you will receive a commission based on the paid invoices of that customer.

    In the account overview you can see the exact conditions, the current amount of the commission and the number of customers you have canvassed.

    Follow this link to the campaign "customers recruit customers"

  • Survey in the customer area

    New: Your opinion is needed!

    From now on you'll find a new tab titled "Surveys" in your customer account. Thus you now have the opportunity to actively participate in improving our platform.

    We will regularly conduct new polls and you can decide how you want nicsell to evolve. Get involved:

    Participate in the surveys

    Just as important as your participation however, is that you send us your suggestions - gladly at anytime by email or using our contact form. Because only when we know exactly what our customers want, we can improve where it is needed:

    Submit your proposal

  • Dictionary

    Our dictionary

    In our dictionary you can find many explanations of terms that are often used at nicsell. We want to ensure that you unterstand the technical terms accurately and what they entail.

    In our FAQ many terms are linked to our dictionary, granting you quick access to the information you desire.

    Here you can go to the dictionary

  • Themecircle

    Assorted domains now available in our world of themes

    In our world of themes you will find assorted domains, that has been packed in different categories by us. So you will find the things you search easier and faster. To ensure a better orientation we provided the different categories with small icons that you can find in the domain list again.

    Here you can go to the themes

  • New: Safe domains as favorites

    From now our clients have the possibility to mark domains a favorite () and filter by favorite domains in the domainlist

    An overview of all favorites is also at your account visible.

  • Domain alarm

    From now: The Domain Alarm

    In order to expand our service to our customers, we have since this week also a domain alarm in our portfolio. This works as follows: You simply log in to our site. After that you look at our domainlist and choose from a variety of filters the criteria that should apply to your domain. Then you can activate the domain alarm. For this domain alarm you can enter a specific name in the next step. Also you can determine the interval of notifications when new domains are coming.

  • nicsell .eu domains banner

    Now also .eu-domains in the range

    Complementing the .de domains we now offer .eu domains too which are in the grace period (RGP). What will change for you now? The only thing that will change for you is the domainlist. It has been expanded to include the .eu domains. Of course, you can also filter by .de and .eu domains. Everything else remains the same. As usual you start with a minimum bid of 10 € (even for .eu domains!) and place a bid as usual.

    Download the press release now by PDF!
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  • exclusive

    NEW: Exclusive domains

    Now you can also bid on exclusive domains in addition to RGP at nicsell. These are offered in premium auctions. As they are not in quarantine, you can register them as soon as you win the auction.

  • Sold box

    NEW: "sold" box

  • nicsell press release

    Our first press release

    Click here for the press release
  • The first newsletter is sent!

    The first newsletter is sent!

  • nicsell at facebook

    We are now also on Facebook

    Starting today, we are also social networkers. Here you can see what is happening with us, which domains are currently available to date and what's new with us. You want to follow us? Then just come with the link to our site.

    Follow this link to Facebook!
  • Start of nicsell

    Start of nicsell