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About nicsell

Nicsell is a domain backorder service, also known as dropcatcher, that allows you to bid on several expiring domains. Due to our low starting prices and high success rate we proudly present to you the best price-performance ratio in the German region.

Starting from € 10 you will already be able to participate in all our auctions and gain the chance to receive the domains you want. A failed registration means you do not pay anything.

At the same time you are also able to put your own domains up for auction. Give nicsell a try and we will make sure to win you over with our diverse services and our many years of experience.

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DomainPulse 2022 in Bonn

The participation at DomainPulse 2022 in Bonn was a lot of fun and brought us new experiences. Many thanks to Denic, nic.at and Switch for organizing this unforgettable event! We are looking forward to seeing you again at DomainPulse next year.

Why nicsell?

The auction history

Here you get an insight of how the auction history looks like.

  • €10 Starting bid - this is unique
  • Minimum bids allow you to raise the chance of a successful registration
  • Automatic notifications via domain alert on domains that interest you
  • Observe selected domains with the favorites list
  • Years of experience in the industry
  • Easy transaction and safe payment via PayPal
  • Optimized for mass offers - you do not have to bid on each domain individually
  • Great customer service
  • No risks, what you get is what you pay for
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