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What is nicsell?

Every day thousands of .de, .eu and .at domains are deleted and move to "quarantine" for at least 30 days. nicsell is a RGP domain backorder service that enables you to bid on deleted .de, .eu and .at domains which are currently in the grace period (redemption grace period - RGP) and register them through our catching service. These are also called expired domains.

If you are the high bidder, we will immediately try to catch your domains (and register them for you) when the grace period ends.

You take no risks, because you only have to pay, if we were able to snap the domain successfully.

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Exclusive domains


New at nicsell!

From now on you can find additional to our RGP auctions exclusive auctions. These TLD domains will be exclusive auctioned by us.

Your advantages: You receive the same service, the transaction and the reserve price of only €10 are identical. In addition, you can move these domains immediately after the auction has ended. No grace period and no snapping.

More information about our exclusive domains.

You want to decrease your domain portfolio? We would be happy to market your domains too, please contact us! Of course we can market all domain endings (TLDs), not only .de, .eu and .at domains.

What distinguishes nicsell from other suppliers?

Example: History

Here you get an insight of how the auction history looks like during the catching process.

nicsell has decisive arguments:

  • €10 Starting bid - this is unique and not available from any other supplier
  • Also for .eu and .at domains only a starting bid of €10!
  • Place a minimum bid to raise the chance of a successful registration
  • Automatic notifications via Domain alarm on domains that interest you
  • You can observe selected domains with the favorites list
  • Many years of experience in the industry
  • Easy transaction and safe payment via PayPal
  • Optimized for mass offers - You do not have to bid on each domain individually
  • A top customer service is waiting for you
  • You take no risks, because you only have to pay for registered domains
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A small insight into the customer account

Example: Bill from the customer account

In this overview you can see which bills have yet to be settled and which already have.

Example: Overview from the dashboard

In the dashboard you can view all the general information about your account.

Example: Our auction list

In the auction history you can see how the list looks like after you have placed your bids.