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  • Minimum bid introduced

    Our customers can optionally place minimum biddings in auctions since November 2015.

    With it the starting bid of regularly €10.00 automatically increases and therefore also the chance to receive the deleted domain.

    More informations about this topic in our FAQ

  • Customers recruit customers at nicsell

    Simply integrate your personal advertising link as a text link, logo or banner of us on your side. Moreover you can use our provided advertising.

    For every new customer who registers over your personal link you'll receive permanently a commission on every paid-up invoice of this recruited customer.

    In your account overview you can always see topically how many customers you have advertised and how high your current commission is.

    Here it goes to the campaign "customers recruit customers"

  • Survey in the customer area

    New: Your opinion is needed!

    From now on you'll find a new tab titled "Surveys" in your customer account. Thus you now have the opportunity to actively help us improve our platform.

    Continuously, we will start new polls and you can decide how you want nicsell to evolve. Get involved:

    Participate in the surveys

    Just as important as your participation however, is that you send us your suggestions - anytime via email or via the contact form. Because only if we know exactly what our customers want, we can improve where it is needed:

    Submit your proposal

  • Lexicon

    Our dictionary explained.

    In our dictionary you find many explanations of terms that are often used at nicsell. So we want to ensure that you untersdtand the technical terms accurately and that you can imagine something about them.

    In our FAQ are many terms linked to our lexicon, so you can get the information you need as fast as possible.

    Here you can go to the dictionary

  • Themecircle

    Assorted domains now available in our world of themes

    In our world of themes you will find assorted domains, that has been packed in different categories by us. So you will find the things you search easier and faster. To ensure a better orientation we provided the different categories with small icons that you can find in the domain list again.

    Here you can switch to the dictionary

  • New: Safe domains as favorites

    From now our clients have the possibility to mark domains a favorite () and filter by favorite domains in the domainlist

    An overview of all favorites is also at your account visible.

  • Domain alarm

    From now: The Domain Alarm

    In order to expand our service to our customers, we have since this week also a domain alarm in our portfolio. This works as follows: You simply log in to our site. After that you look at our domainlist and choose from a variety of filters the criteria that should apply to your domain. Then you can activate the domain alarm. For this domain alarm you can enter a specific name in the next step. Also you can determine the interval of notifications when new domains are coming.

  • nicsell .eu domains banner

    Now also .eu-domains in the range

    Complementing the .de domains we now offer .eu domains too which are in the grace period (RGP). What will change for you now? The only thing that will change for you is the domainlist. It has been expanded to include the .eu domains. Of course, you can also filter by .de and .eu domains. Everything else remains the same. As usual you start with a minimum bid of 10 € (even for .eu domains!) and place a bid as usual.

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  • exclusive

    NEW: Exclusive domains

    Now you can also bid on exclusive domains in addition to RGP at nicsell. These are offered in premium auctions. Due to the fact that the domains are not in the quarantine period, you can once you have won the auction, register the domain.

  • Sold box

    NEW: "sold" box

  • nicsell press release

    Our first press release

    Click here for the press release
  • The first newsletter is sent!

    The first newsletter is sent!

    Now you can log in to our Newsletter. For more information click here.

  • nicsell at facebook

    We are now also on Facebook

    Starting today, we are also among the social networkers. Here you can see what is happening with us, which domains are currently available to date and what's new with us. You want to follow us? Then just come with the link to our site.

    Follow this link to Facebook!
  • Start of nicsell

    Start of nicsell

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