General questions

A domain is a personal address, that is entered in the address bar in the browser. It may consist of words, numbers and special characters. The length may not be longer then 63 characters (letters, numbers and special characters). Hyphens (-) may not come in first or last position.


Each domain consists of a sequence of characters, which are seperated by one or more points.

The top-level domain is the ending of the domain and is always in the last place.

In our example "" is "eu" the top-level domain, "companyname" the second-level-domain (also called domain) and "www" the third-level-domain (also called subdomain).

Premium domains are worth more than regular RGP domains and always have a preassigned minimum price. Therefore these domain names are not available for €10.00. As soon as this minimum is met or passed these domains will be no different than the regular ones (see maximum bid). If the predefined minimum price is not met, we reserve the right to not register the domain for the customer in case of a successful catching process. Please note the different status (especially negotiation) and the faq entry for maximum bid.

An exclusive domain is offered and auctioned in cooperation with the current domain owner exclusively on nicsell. The difference to regular auction is that these domains have not been deleted and are not (yet) in the grace period.

The process before, during and after the auction is identical to the "normal" RGP domains. So for you does not change anything.

Your benefits: You can bid on exclusive domains as comfortable as on all other domains. So directly after the auction ends and payment is done you will get the auth codes for your auctioned domains (the catching-process is eliminated).

Roughly speaking: The length of a .de, .eu or .at domain can not exceed 63 characters (letters and numbers). Here, in any case letters (AZ), numbers (0-9) and some special characters are allowed. Hyphens (-) are possible, but can not come on first or last position.

That is the RGP domain information site, because the search has failed.

With RGP domains - on that you can bid here - it is normal that the domain is deleted by the owner (see also what is RGP?)

One reason may be that the website is no longer correct available. As a website owner you should contact as soon as possible to the hosting provider in this case.

You can bid on .de, .eu and .at domains.

Domains which are extinguished by mistake or on purpose will be taken into quarantine. It's also called "Cooldown", "Quarantine" or "RGP" (Redemtion Grace Period).

There the .de domains are remaining for 30 days, .eu domains for 40 days and .at domains even for 58 days.

In this time the domain owner has the possibility to undelete it. If he sticks to his decision, the domain is after the 30 or 40 days grace period free again an can be re-registered.

The re-registration of popular domains takes place within a few milliseconds after the domain comes from the quarantine (see also How much time takes a catch-process?)

Questions about the process and the domains:

We auction off domains that were recently deleted and exclusive domains. At the time of the auction the deleted domains are still in the grace period. These domains are available on the free market as well. We have set our self the tast to catch. these domains for our business customers.

The domains are added only two weeks before being released here in the auction list (domainlist). Starting from then you are able to participate in the auction.

Tip: Create a daily Domain alarm for your desired domain now and we will automatically inform you when we add your domain in our auction.

Your Customer ID is used for the identification of your person and should be given to us if possible in every case of contact so that we can assign and respond your request as quick as possible.

You have a fixed budget, which you can invest in the auctions. If you have won the auction and paid for it, you will get the used budget re-credited. So your budget is calculated independently from one period (see also How is my budget assembled?).
If a domain has been deleted, it comes in the so-called quarantine / grace period (see also What is RGP). In this RGP hou can bid for this domain. Before the RGP runs out, the auction is ending and the highest bidder is awarded the contract. For those, we try then to register the desired domain. Please note: You only get the prerogativ of the registry by winnig the auction.

The live auction covers every auction in the domain list in realtime without refreshing the website. If another customer places a bid on a domain that is part of your domain list, the relevant data will be updated as if the website had been refreshed. Dutch auctions are excluded from the live auction.

The live auction will be marked by an animation ( ) which can be found above the filters and in affected auctions within the bids column. The relevant entries in the domain list will not change positions (even if e.g. the order set by a prior filter becomes incorrect). Every user is solely responsible for the accuracy of their local system time. As an indicator of this accuracy serves the time difference, which is displayed along with the latency of your internet connection above the filters. These values are displayed in black for the normal range, red for a too high deviation and orange for the transition range. If the deviation is too large, a box will appear as a warning, which will not reopen for eight hours if closed. In order to avoid compatibility issues please ensure the use of a modern browser. Every user is allowed a maximum of up to 10 simultaneous tabs using the live auction.

The button enables switching into the mode of quick bid placements. There you can use to determine the amount, which will be added to the current maximum bid. When selected, you will need to confirm the increase once, which finalizes the new bid that is displayed in the button . The confirmation button will be inactive for the first 0,2 seconds in order to avoid any misclicks. As soon as it becomes active the symbol will appear in the confirmation button. During this process, if a bid was placed that surpasses yours, your current confirmation will be cancelled. At any time, the button allows you to move one step backwards or exit the quick bidding mode. The values of these buttons can be edited in your Account settings. If you have problems with the time offset, you can also change how the countdown is displayed.

The other means of placing a bid (single-bid and mass-bid) will work as usual. Placing a single bid will still refresh the entire domainlist.

If you have the domain list open for more than one hour during the live auction, the live auction will be automatically finished. This is additionally indicated by a message. If you would like to participate at the live auction again, you have to reload the domain list.

If you have placed at least one bid in an auction, your maximum bid will be displayed in blue below the current bid €10.00. If you are a bidder in an auction where the minimum price is not reached, this will be additionally displayed in orange €33.00.

We make a distinction while offering between these both bid types:

  1. Maximum bid: This is (still) the norm. If you submit a maximum bid, the actual bid increases with bids of other users automatically up to the maximum bid set by you. As soon as somebody puts an bid above your maximum order, you are first outbid. If you place a maximum bid onto a premiumdomain your maximum bid is also the current bid, even if nobody else has placed a bid on this particular domain yet. That means these domain names don't start at €10.00 in the auction system. If you are the only bidder for a domain name that has a set minimum price of €100.00 and your maximum bid is at €500.00, the current bid would be at €100.00. In addition your maximum bid of €500.00 is still valid. Of course you can raise your maximum bid at any time, even if you are still the highest bidder.
  2. Minimum bid: You can place directly a minimum bid and thus start an auction with €50.00 (instead of normally €10.00). You also can set a bid on an already running auction to raise the price directly. If you already placed a minimum bid on a domain, you can raise it by setting a higher minimum bid.

What is the minimum bid for? The higher the price of the domain with the end of the auction the higher is the priority for this domain in the catching phase. For example a domain for €50.00 is substantially more often tried to register than a domain with an final auction price of only €10.00.

Tip: You can also place both minimum bids and maximum bids for one domain. An example would be €50.00 minimum bid and €500.00 maximum bid for one domain.

There are two types of auctions on nicsell.:

We are launching a second-auction, if a domain could not be registered and the date has shifted after the first auction due to a placed authinfo2 (Auth2).

If you bid to a domain in the past and this domain could not be registered for you and it is deleted by the domain owner again, we will point out these second-auctions for you as well.

Whether you want to be informed about second-auctions can be adjust at "Account > Notifications"

  • Alexa rank: The Alexa rank (global) is interesting for websites because it assigns a rank which refers generally to a high popularity of the site. These rank is determined by the number of visitors and thus we get the 1,000,000 most visited domains.
  • Backlinks: A backlink is an incoming link that is referenced by the one website to another. They are important for the search engines that shows the popularity of a page. This websites will get a higher ranking than others.
  • Google PageRank: Google PageRank is a method that indicates the link population of a website. "The more pages, the higher the weighting. The higher the weighting, the greater the effect!" This ranking sort the links according to their weighting and arrange the sequence.
  • Wayback: Wayback is a kind of time machine, with that you can see the age of a domain. In the best case it indicates since when the domain is online. The more entries this domain has, the besser is the value of the domain.
  • Detailed search:
    • In the detail search you can search for any number of terms separated by commas or whitespaces.
    • With a prepending ! of a search term its results will be excluded (negative search).
    • If a search term starts with a ^ , only results will be displayed that starts with the search term.
    • If a search term ends with a $ , only results will be displayed that ends with the search term.
    • If a % is specified in a search term, it will be considered as a placeholder and is corresponding as not any character or any amount of characters.
    • If a _ is specified in a search term, it will be considered as a placeholder and is corresponding as exactly one character.
    • If a search term starts with a . , the search term is considered as a top level domain.
    • If a search term contains at least one . and no ^ , $ , % or _ , the search term is represented as a complete domain and must be found exactly.
    • To improve the search, umlauts are searched in all spellings (ä = ae, ö = oe, ü = ue, ß = ss).
    • Example:
      • sport
      • sport, music
      • sport, !transport
      • ^sport, sport$
      • ^sport$
      • sport, !^sport, !music
      • sport%event, event%sport
      • sport__%event
      • sport, music, .eu
      • sport, !.com
      •, music
  • Character length: With the character length you can determine the length of the domain. Here you can, for example, enter a length of 4 to 6 characters and all domains with this length are picket out.
  • End of auction: In the search box end of auction you can enter when the auction will ends. Here will be all domains listed which run until then.
  • First letter: Here you can enter the first letter of your desired domain. Again only the domains with this first letter will be listed.

The domain alarm is intended to notify you when new and interesting domains are auctioned. You can log in, go to the domainlist and select filters of your choice. Then simply activate the domain alarm.

In order to create a new domain alarm, you have to customize your filter settings in the Domainlist first. For example you can filter for .de domains that include "car". Then you have to apply the filter.

Once you applied the filter, appears in the upper part of the box the button. The button is only displayed, when a valid filter setting has been made.

After clicking the button you will be forwarded to a new entry screen. There you can add a description and an interval to the domain alarm. By clicking on "safe" the domain alarm is created for you and is immediately active.

The following intervals can be established.

  • Daily: nicsell is searching the right domains for you every day.
  • Weekly: nicsell is searching every week on Monday for the right domain for you.
  • Monthly: nicsell is seaching on the 1st day of every month for the right domain for you.

Settings or changes of a domain alarm can be made at "Account > Domain alarm". By clicking on you can edit every domain alarm. Here you can change the descriptions, the status (active/inactive) and the interval (daily/weekly/monthly) of a domain alarm.

If you want to change the filter settings of a domain alarm, switch first to "Account > Domain alarm". Now you need to view the "old" domain alarm by clicking on the button

After you have customized your filters and clicked on "Apply filter", you can save these filter settings with once more.

At "Account > Domain alarm" you can now remove the old domain alarm by clicking on .

The function "favorites" is used, that you can observe interesting domains. So you have for example domains in view on that you not bid currently or on that you want to pay particular attention when bidding.

In the domainlist you will find a star in front of each domain. By clicking on this star it will become green (). Then the domain is on your favorites list. The same way you can remove the favorites again ().

If domains that you have marked as favorites are offered again, they are displayed with a yellow star (% starIconYellow%).

Of course you can filter the domainlist by favourites too.

In the customer account at "Account > Favorites" you will also find a seperate overview of your favorites.

Highest bidder

The auction is still running. You are the highest bidder on this auction.

Minimum price not reached

The auction is still running. Your current maximum bid for this domain is lower than our preassigned minimum price. In case of a successful catch the status might switch to negotiation.


The auction is still running. You have been outbid and should increase your maximum bid, if we should attempt to register the domain for you.


The auction is closed. We currently try to register the domain. Usually the domain in this status is only available from the moment of the auction ending until about 7:00 clock the next day (in single cases up to 3 days).


The auction has been closed. Your bid failed to reach the minimum price. The seller will now decide, if he/she still wants to accept your maximum bid and sell the domain to you. It usually takes one work day for a decision to be reached (however, sometimes it might take up to 7 days).


The auction is closed. The catching process is completed. We have been able to register the domain for you successfully.


The auction has been closed. We successfully auctioned your domain off.


The auction is closed. Unfortunately, you were not the highest bidder for this domain, therefore we will not attempt to register the domain for you.

Bid declined

The auction is closed. The catching process is completed. We have declined your bid, because it did not meet our minimum bid. Therefore the domain has not been registered for you. You will not be charged for this auction.


The auction is closed. The catching process is completed. Unfortunately we did not make it to catch the domain for you. Of course you have to pay nothing for the failed registration.


The auction is closed. The auction had to be stopped prematurely. The reasons for this are either:

  • The quarantine-enddate has been moved (for example due to the setting of an AuthCode2),
  • the domain was restored by the previous owner or
  • These domain has been deleted by the DENIC (a so-called "immediate delete")

If you go to the auction history you can't sort the domains to which you have bid by status. For this you can narrow them. Depending on which option you want, you can either go to "Highest bidder", "Outbid" or to another status.

You have several options to bid on multiple domains the same time. For this there are two directions: The "export" und den "import". Our current auctions can be exported and maximum bids per domain can be imported.

The export in detail:

  • First of all you have the possibility to download our complete list of all active downloads. At the domainlist there is the button "download list" for this. If you have selected no filter the complete list will be downloaded. It is important that you haven't set a filter previously or reset them with "reset filter".
  • Furthermore you can export a selection of auctions. Simply filter the domains using a "filter" of your choice, click on "apply filter" and download the filtered results via the button "download list".

The import in detail:

  • First you can edit a just exported domainlist and re-import it. To do this, simply open the list and edit the second column "Your bid in EUR". After that save this list again in CSV format. Important: Always use a semicolon (;) as a column delimiter. Via the page domainlist you can select the edited list and click then on "upload list".
  • You can upload your own domainlists (also from other sources) at any time. It is also no problem if this list contains domains that we do not know or for which there currently are no active auctions. The important thing is that you upload a CSV file which contains the domain name in the first column and you bid in EUR in the second column and the columns are seprerated by semicolons.
  • Another option is our quick form that opens when you click at the page domainlist on "submit mass-bid". There you can simply paste (possibly also for us foreign domains) in the text box. Please enter only one domain per line. In the field below your can place your bid in Euro. Of course this method only makes sense if you want to place the same bid for all domains.

In general it does not matter if you specify the domains at the described import options in the IDN or ACE spelling. We convert the domains in the required format for us.

We give you immediatly the information via success-, warning- and error-messages for which domains you are the highest bidder, where you have been outbid and where the entry was incorrect.

In order to obtain this information again in the form of a list, you can filter the domainlist. For example view all domains where you bid on with the filter "Narrow > Only bidding auctions". Click then on "apply filter" and after that again on "download list".

If we could not register the domain, we charge no processing costs. You pay only if the registration was successful.

Yes, by going to the Dashboard, then switch to the bid history and set the filter "only bidding auctions". In the last "column" you can see the actions you can perform. There is the possibility to click on the button and here you can enter the desired bid.

You can not say exactly how long the process takes exactly. The domains are free within a certain time. In exceptional cases it can take up to 48 hours after the end of a auction until we can define the final status of a domain. The actual catch-process is runnig within a few milliseconds (good domains are often not longer "free").
If you've been outbid in an auction, you have two options. You can bid again (if the auction is still running) or you jump off because the current highest bid exceeds your limit.
If the registration was successful, you will receive a payment request. In this email you will receive the information that the catching-process was successful.

Billing questions:

Congratulations - you have auctioned a domain. And now?
If you have successfully won an auction, we will try to catch the domain for you. If the registration was successful, you will receive an auth code (key) after your payment.
If the domain has successfully registered, you can make the payment to us. Once we receive this, we send you an email with the auth code. From the time of receiving the auth code you have a total time of 14 days to move the domain.

The bill will be created automatically after your payment has been received and recorded. This happens usually one working day after the receipt of your payment. You will receive the bill once via email and moreover you can download it at any time via your Account at "Account > Bills".

In order to enable the transfer of a domain to another registrar, the future registrar requires the so-called auth code (also called AuthInfo-Code) from the current registrar. This auth code acts as a password for the domain. You get the auth code from us by email after receipt of payment. You can also see this again at any time via your account under "Account > Bills". Simply click on the button .

At the point "Account > Bills" you can download the auth codes bundled per order. You will receive a file in CSV format. Simply click on the button .

As described in our terms and conditions, you have to pay your receivable at the latest within 14 days after the domain registration. Otherwise, there is an additional fee of 5.00 € per Domain and started calendar month.

The number in the box indicates that still one bill is unpaid. Once the bill has been paid, the little box disappears and appears again when there is another unpaid bill.

More questions:

The little red box with the number menas that you were outbid at for example two bids. The intended result is that you have the possibly to bid again on this domain or leave it to another bidder.

You pay only the amount you have bid on your desired domain. You may submit a maximum bid for each auction. You have only to pay, if we could register the domain successfully. Please note that additional costs for the transfer of your domain to a new provider is not supported by us.

You have a fixed budget from us. Usually it is at €500.00 after registration. This budget is then available for current auctions.

Your bids of current auctions where you are current the highest bidder will be deducted from your budget. Also deducted are outstandig bills including the purchase price from won auctions (which are in the catching-process). This is your "available credit". If there are no more open items, your full budget is available again.

You can view your overall budget and your available budget at any time at your Account.

If the budget isn't sufficient once, you can feel free to contact us. We will increase the budget accordingly after reviewing your account.

Some examples how your available budget is composed and calculated:

  • You have a budget of €500.00.
  • You are currently the highest bidder at 2 domains. at one of these is deposited a maximum bid €10.00 an on the other a maximum bid of €20.00. The maximum bids were summed up (€10.00 + €20.00 = €30.00). Your currently available budget is thus €470.00 (€500.00 - €30.00).
  • You have also already auctioned 3 domains but these are still in the catching-process. You auctioned each domain for €10.00. The amounts are summed up (€10.00 + €10.00 + €10.00 = €30.00). Your currently available budget is now €440.00 (€470.00 - €30.00).
  • futhermore you have auctioned 2 domain for each €20.00. These were successfully registered by us but you hav not paid yet. The unpaid bills will be summed up (€20.00 + €20.00 = €40.00). Your currently available budget is thus €400.00 (€440.00 - €40.00).
  • Suddenly you are outbid at the auction for the domain to which you have bid €20.00. The amount will be released and your currently available budget is now again €420.00 (€400.00 + €20.00).
  • You pay for your open bills. Once we have assigned them, the budget will be released for this again. Your currently available budget is then again €460.00 (€420.00 + €40.00).


  • +49 (0) 541 / 96 38 07 54

You may contact us through

  • Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday - Sunday: closed

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