Dropped-Domain / Expired Domain

Dropped domains are domains which have been deleted. They have either been terminated, deleted or automatically expired at the provider. That is why there are domains that were deleted unintentionally.

Usually they are called deleted domains, rarely dropped-domains.

Expired domains are also called liberated domains. However, mostly we speak of RGP-domains (Redemption-Grace-Period).

Exactly this are the domains you can auction at nicsell. Our auctions are always running 14 days. So you have to start 14 days before a RGP-domain gets free again. If you win the auction, we will try to catch the domain for you.

dropping: "to drop down something"

When a domain is dropped, it is delted and terminated at the provider. This domains are then called drop-domains.

Providers bill domains monthly, so people usually deleted them at the end of a month. The general rule is whoever owns the domain on the 1st of the month has to pay for it. Therefore, most domains are deleted on the 30th of a month. However, in certain cases domains can be deleted immediately.

The term dropping is actually used less often, rather is said delete or cancel. Instead of dropped domains you also use more often expired domains or RGP domains.

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